Touch Therapy

Touch Therapies are hands on treatments utilizing Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage and other massage techniques that target specific areas with express results in mind.

Touch Therapy

10 minutes of stress reducing massage for reduction of tension in areas needed at the time of the service.

Options include:

     Back Therapy

     Lymphatic Massage

     Head, neck and shoulder massage

     Foot massage

     Headache Therapy

time: 10 mins.

price: $15

when: added to other service

Advanced Face Massage

Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Manual Lymph Drainage, European Massage and Thai Stretching promotes healing, eliminates toxins, reduces swelling and inflammation, improves circulation and restores healthy function to the skin.

time: 20 mins.

price: $35 stand alone treatment

            $25 add on to skin treatment

when:  when you need it

Age Reversal Touch Therapy

Combines muscular massage with the latest ingredient technology Dermalogica has to offer to relax fine lines, tone loose facial tissue and reverse signs of aging.

time: 10 mins.

price: $15

when: when you need it, add to other services

Reflexology Touch Therapy

Total body tune-up for preventative health care that improves circulation, reduces stress, detoxifies and balances the body through reflex points on the feet.

time: 45 mins.

price: $45

when: when you need it, add to other services

Stress Relief Massage

Tension relief, relaxation and renewal with focus on stress points in shoulders, neck, head and back.

time: 30 mins.

price: $45

when: when you need it