"I want my clients to discover simple, healthy methods to improve their skin.

I believe in nature. I believe in beauty. They can work together. Let me show you how..."

Corinne Rhae has been an established expert on skin care and makeup since 1976. She has worked with local, national and international photographers, authored numerous newspaper and magazine articles on skin care and makeup. She has lectured nationally at trade shows for the skin care industry and has been an instructor at accredited schools for future estheticians in the state of Arizona. Corinne is

Dermalogica certified, and a Dermalogica Expert.

Corinne’s beauty concepts are based upon her personal studies in art, herbal therapy, massage and energy work, giving birth to a multi-dimensional approach to total body care. She has been enthusiastically received by many modeling agencies and schools for her fresh and innovative approach, making the journey to health and beauty practical and fun!

Corinne’s Beauty Concepts was established in 1989 and is currently located in

Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona.